“Our family ordered a whole house water treatment solution from Viridian and had it installed the next day! Since we reside in the country, our only source of drinking water was a private domestic well, saturated with hydrogen sulphide and iron. This gave our water an unpleasant odour and would often cause red stains to appear in our toilets, sinks and bathtubs. Since Viridian installed an iron and sulphur water filter, along with a water softener and reverse osmosis system, the quality of our household water has improved drastically. We are no longer disgusted or turned off by the smell and taste of our water. For this, we thank the service and quality of Viridian Water System’s work.”

Joseph Brimson

“I began noticing greyish stains on our household glassware and cutlery, shower doors and bathtubs and started researching possible causes. It was on the Internet that I came across information regarding hard water, which was the most likely cause of my problem. From there, I looked for local companies that had some experience installing water softeners. I stumbled across Viridian Water Systems’ online request form and filled it out, seeking a quote for a water softener. I found their price to be fair, and upon placing my order, they installed the equipment within one week. My family and I were very impressed with the speed of their installation as well as the quality of the products they dealt with. We would strongly recommend Viridian for anybody’s water quality issues.”

Pawan Sharma

“We would like to say that Viridian Water Systems did a fantastic job in providing us with clean, clear drinking water for our staff here at Brand Awards. We purchased a water cooler along with a reverse osmosis system from Viridian and have been quite satisfied with the quality of their work. Their service was prompt and professional. All in all, we are happy with the quality of our drinking water and would high recommend Viridian Water Systems for any commercial water treatment projects.”

Nhu Tran, Brand Awards