Viridian Water Systems is a fully-integrated commercial water treatment company with significant industry experience in providing high quality service in the form of long-lasting
solutions. Viridian is proud to cover all aspects of a water treatment or purification project, from the delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment to it’s long-term maintenance and warranty work. Our service offering is diverse, and grants your business the confidence that whatever the size of the required project, it will be completed efficiently, effectively and on time.

Below are the 3 major phases associated with commercial water treatment projects:

  • Pre-treatment commissioning (carbon, iron, sulphur, sediment, turbidity and calcite filters, commercial water softeners, ozonation, pre-filtration pH adjustment, scale inhibitors)
  • Purification/disinfection technologies (commercial reverse osmosis systems, water deionization systems, distillation, ultrafiltration membranes, ultraviolet disinfection systems, chlorine injection)
  • Post-treatment commissioning (post-carbon filters, mixed deionization cartridges, mixed bed or separate bed water deionization systems, remineralization, pH adjustment)

An extensive list of Viridian Water Systems supplementary services:

  • High efficiency ion-exchange resin re-bedding
  • Reverse osmosis membrane maintenance and replacement
  • Mixed/separate bed water deionization resin re-bedding and exchange
  • Re-building softener, carbon, iron, sulphur filter control valve
  • Replacement of ultraviolet disinfection system lamp
  • Filter cartridge replacement
  • Routine preventative maintenance
  • Chemical Supply [HCl, NaOH] for deionization regeneration
  • Instrumentation/Automation [pH controller, Batch meter/controller]
  • Activated granular carbon re-bedding