About Company

Our company, Viridian Water Systems, is an Industry leader in the provision of commercial water treatment products & services of a highly professional nature. We believe that with over 25 years of water purification & treatment experience, Viridian is the best-positioned company in the Industry to adequately service your business. Our small, yet highly effectively team of professionals approaches every project armed with the tools, business acumen and the vision to succeed.

Over the years, Viridian has actively commissioned hundreds of commercial water treatment projects in South-Western Ontario. Our products & equipment service many commercial settings such as Laundromats, Car Washes, Restaurants, Fast Food, Hospitals, Greenhouses and Bars. The commercial applications of water treatment are diverse, and this is something that is very fully understood and appreciated by our staff here at Viridian Water Systems.

We have a very successful history of delivering, installing and commissioning high quality components to commercial water treatment projects. This is something we pride ourselves on. Our director of operations personally has been in the Industry for more than 20 years, and in that time has had ample exposure to water treatment applications in both commercial and industrial buildings. He brings with him a very strong network of commercial clients and has added significantly to our clientele.