Viridian Water Systems

Commercial water treatment is our main focus, here at Viridian Water Systems. Our products, services and expertise are utilized in many industry sectors, such as Agriculture, Hospitality, Food & Beverage Production, Health, Wellness and Educational Institutions. Our water conditioning solutions, namely commercial water treatment, is utilized for many processes such as integrated drinking water production, wastewater management, humidification, water vending, spot-free car washes, metal plating, restaurant serving and pre-treatment. Deionized, de-mineralized and purified water is essential in many commercial settings, and it takes significant industry experience to deliver an adequate and fully functioning solution.

Viridian Water Systems proudly serves Toronto, Markham, Barrie, Brampton, Ajax, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding cities.

Commercial water treatment applications are often complicated, multi-phase strategies aimed at enhancing the quality, drinkability and resistivity of feed water. A few common phases involved include:

  • Ultraviolet disinfection:
    Ultraviolet radiation is often used as a part of commercial water treatment. At this stage, chlorine-resistant species of Protozoan, Bacteria and Parasites are eradicated effectively by ultraviolet means.

  • Water softening:
    This process is critical to the water treatment process,
    especially regarding Commercial Applications such as Spot-free car washes or Laundromats. The removal of calcium, magnesium and iron ion species is imperative to the efficient operation of such businesses.

  • Reverse osmosis:
    Reverse osmosis is arguably the most commonly utilized and
    highest demanded water purification technology within the realm of commercial water treatment. The fine pores of the cellulose membrane impart semi-permeability on the system. This allows them to very effectively remove about 99% of the contaminants, molecules, ions and constituents being carried by feed water. Commercial reverse osmosis systems are an alternative to water deionization systems, and produce water of comparable purity and resistivity.

  • Batch control/metering:
    It is quite common that during a commercial water treatment
    project, the amount of water used needs to be quantified in numerical values. Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Beverage manufacturing are three industry examples where pre-determined quantities of water must be available and monitored stringently. Viridian Water Systems delivers fully integrated batch control, metering and monitoring technology for commercial water treatment use.

  • Storage solutions:
    Most commercial water treatment solutions require some
    form of storage, whether for city (feed) water or permeate (product) water. Storing large quantities of water allows one to undersize a system so that it can take advantage of the available storage. A common example of this is when an industrial process requires 5-10 GPM of R.O. water, and instead of commissioning a 10 GPM R.O. system, a 1000-2000 gallon storage tank is utilized to store the water overnight to achieve higher flow rates.

  • Carbon filtration:
    Granular activated carbon and powdered block filters are the
    main component of organic filtration as it pertains to
    commercial water treatment. This technique utilizes chemical
    adsorption to achieve filtration. Carbon filtration is quite efficacious in removing Chlorine, Benzene, Trihalomethane species, volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) such as herbicides and pesticides, and Radon. Additionally, certain types of carbon block filters can remove some dangerous microorganisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are responsible for a plethora of human diseases and adverse medical conditions.